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Stop Drugging Our Kids!

Breath Awareness Offers a Safe Alternative to
Helping Children Focus and Calm Down

Psychostimulant drugs, illegal or prescribed, can disguise, damage, and potentially destroy the mind and body. Parents and teachers can choose either to suppress a child's hyperactivity and inattentiveness with potent chemicals or develop a child’s attention and self-control with mind-training exercises.

Heidi Thompson, author of Calm Focus Joy has practiced breath awareness for 35 years. At the height of the ADHD crises in the 90’s, she pioneered an attention development program called Mindmastery and was one of the first to teach breath awareness in public schools. Without drugs, Heidi observed how breath awareness transformed children from agitated to calm and focused. Learn how a simple exercise can prevent and heal ADHD and other disabling conditions.

Mary Jones, host of Talk of Connecticut, reported, "After interviewing Heidi Thompson on my CT radio show and being so impressed with her and her overall message, I decided I wanted her book, "Calm, Focus, Joy" to be the inspiration for my next Monthly Challenge, which I've done on my show for 6+ years. Her message is powerful, simple, effective, and needs to be spread!"


Heidi Thompson is a pioneer in attention development in children and an expert in the field of breath awareness. For more than 15 years, she has been teaching breath awareness workshops in B.C. schools and in her community.

After observing consistently positive outcomes and seeing the ease of implementing breath awareness into the classroom, Heidi wanted to share her methods with others. She compiled her knowledge, lessons, teaching strategies, and stories into one book, Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children (Coldstream Books, 2012). According to psychotherapist, Dr. Bob Chaudhuri, "Calm Focus Joy is an engaging manual that all children should be exposed to. Thompson's strategies present a clear and plainspoken guide for the youth. I would highly recommend it to teachers and parents for their students and children."

Breath Awareness has been helping people for over 5,000 years and continues to be practiced by millions today. Current scientific research has found that breath awareness and similar meditation techniques can significantly:
• Improve focus and concentration
• Enhance brain functions
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Help overcome addictions
• Lower high blood pressure
• Improve cognition and memory
• Relieve depression and ADHD
• Boost the immune system
• Cultivate empathy and compassion
With current media buzzing about the health benefits of meditation, many parents, teachers, therapists, and health-care professionals are wanting to know more. There are vast amounts of information available and hundreds of methods to choose from. However, choosing which technique would be best for oneself or one's child, may be overwhelming. To help sort out confusion, Heidi wrote Calm Focus Joy offering beginners and seasoned meditators an easy-to-follow, progressively challenging breath awareness learning and teaching guide.

CALM FOCUS JOY presents a ten-step Mindmastery Program, which includes breath awareness practice sessions for adults, read-aloud instructions for children, teaching tips, stories, questions and answers, suggestions for healthy living, testimonials, and supportive scientific research - everything needed to learn breath awareness and teach it to children.

Heidi wrote her book to share a simple, yet powerful, technique that is profoundly effective for achieving inner calm and mental focus. With society's growing stress, depression, illness, distraction, addictions, and social problems, it is essential that every person find a way to experience more health, peace, and joy. And, as a parent herself, Heidi understands that parents especially want to help their children grow to be focused, healthy, happy, and compassionate. She knows the difficulties of raising children in this modern world and believes that others share the concerns she addresses in her book and in interviews.

If you are a radio host and would like to interview Heidi Thompson, she would be happy to discuss the following topics...
• How breath awareness can help develop the mind and increase focus.
• How addictions start and how breath awareness can be used to overcome addictions.
• How breath awareness can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.
• How children benefit from doing breath awareness.
• How to do breath awareness and how to teach it to children.
• How diet plays a part in focus and attention.
• Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children

Heidi Thompson Guest Expert Interview Credentials
• Speaker at TEDx Kelowna 2013 "Unconventional Solution". Heidi is a teacher, artist, author and publisher
• Heidi has practiced breath awareness for 30 years
• She has worked as a counselor on children breath awareness courses in Canada and the USA
• She created and taught Mindmastery - an attention development program for children
• Heidi was one of the first to teach breath awareness in public schools in Canada in the 1990's
• She is author of Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness, one of the most comprehensive learning and teaching guides for breath awareness
• Currently, Heidi is a practicing artist, writer and teacher. She conducts introductory breath awareness workshops

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