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Heidi Thompson, Breath Awareness Expert
Author of Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness

HEIDI THOMPSON speaks passionately about a simple, yet highly effective focus-training and stress-reducing exercise called breath awareness. When Thompson presents to small or large audiences, her goal is to share everything she knows about breath awareness so others can enjoy more health and happiness.

Heidi talks enthusiastically from her own experiences, shares testimonials from her students, and supports her findings with research. She describes clearly how breath awareness can help a person be successful in all areas of his or her personal and professional life. Her valuable message explains how breath awareness can enhance one's work, creativity, relationships, focus, learning, health, and self-confidence.

Breath awareness has been scientifically proven to improve focus, reduce stress, increase brain power, and promote empathy and joy. Heidi believes that breath awareness may offer the best natural remedy to heal society's ever-growing conditions of stress, depression, ADD, addicitons, disease, and discontent. Her new book, Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness - A Practical Guide for Adults and Children, is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow learning and teaching manuals available today.

Grady Harp writes, "The writing and the processes in Calm Focus Joy are so well done that this series of steps toward improvement are very accessible and successful. This book is a real contribution to adults, students, parents and to therapists and teachers."

Thompson's motivational and educational presentation inspires, informs, and provides practical "how to" advice ensuring that everyone understands what breath awareness is, why it works, and how to practice. Her presentation, Manage Stress with Every Breath and Enjoy Success - Now! will interest a wide range of people with diverse professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Breath awareness will be especially helpful for adults, youth, parents, therapists, educators, health care professionals, sports coaches, yoga instructors, and youth leaders. Thompson tailors her presentations so they are relevent to the age, interests, and individual needs of her audiences. She speaks with clarity, humor, and down-to-earth practicality and believes that every person, no matter if they are nine or ninety, can learn breath awareness and enjoy more health, calmness, wisdom, and happiness. Everyone who attends is offered the opportunity to learn and practice breath awareness for a few minutes and experience its transformative power.

Talk about Stress!
Heidi Thompson recognizes that stress is the number one cause of most physical, psychological, behavioral, and emotional problems. She emphatically expresses the importance of recognizing the symptoms of stress before damage and disease occurs. She says that we cannot always change our external environment or avoid the people causing our disappointment, anger, or despair. However, we do have the power to change our internal environment. If we can create peacefulness within, control the flood of stress hormones that tax our nervous system, and adopt a more balanced attitude toward life's ups and downs, we will positively change how we feel. And if we feel calm and balanced, our health increases. When we feel peaceful inside, when our brain stops flooding our bodies with cortisol and adreneline, stress subsides and we experience more health and happiness.

Heidi is no stranger to stress and knows how it feels to be “pushed to the limit”. Despite the challenging difficulties that she has endured, she acknowledges that her stressful circumstances were blessings in disguise. They compelled her to find a remedy - a quest that led her to the most valuable discovery of her life. She attended her first breath awareness course thirty years ago and has been practicing ever since. After experiencing the transformational power of breath awareness, she became determined to share what she discovered with others.

Teaching Experience
Heidi Thompson has been teaching breath awareness for more than fifteen years. She tells compelling stories about children with disabilities who have participated in her Mindmastery program and experienced increased self-esteem and self-awareness. Adults who have participated have seen improvements in blood pressure, meta-cognition, and stress levels. She supports personal observations and students' testimonials with compelling research. Science is finding that breath awareness and similar meditation techniques can significantly reduce stress, increase focus, promote brain functions, lower blood pressure, enhance cognition, boost the immune system, relieve depression, and develop empathy.

With urgency and compassion, Heidi shares everything she knows about breath awareness.

Heidi wants to make sure that her audiences understand clearly how breath awareness works and how to teach it to children. She believes that societal conditions are deteriorating at such a rapid rate, we cannot afford to wait. We must begin to develop our brains, nurture our bodies, and experience peace, health, and happiness - now. If we succed in achieving calm, focus, and joy in our own lives, we will succeed in making the whole world a better place.

There is a growing interest in meditation, breath awareness, and other stress-reducing techniques. She has been guest speaker on radio and internet television across North America. Mary Jones, host of Talk of Connecticut, reported, "After interviewing Heidi Thompson on my CT radio show and being so impressed with her and her overall message, I decided I wanted her book, "Calm, Focus, Joy" to be the inspiration for my next Monthly Challenge, which I've done on my show for 6+ years. Her message is powerful, simple, effective, and needs to be spread!"

Breath Awareness Expertise
Artist, teacher, and author Heidi Thompson is a pioneer in the field of attention development in children and was one of the first to introduce breath awareness into public schools in B.C. Her Mindmastery Program attracted media attention and was featured on CBC television. She received a flood of inquiries from parents, principals, teachers, and childcare professionals wanting more information on how to teach children.

In response to their requests, Heidi wrote Calm Focus Joy: The Power of Breath Awareness – A Practical Guide for Adults and Children (Coldstream Books, 2012). Calm Focus Joy may be the most comprehensive, contemporary and in-depth breath awareness learning and teaching guide available today. Heidi Thompson’s revolutionary approach to teaching children breath awareness has garnered praise from David Suzuki, Daniel Goleman, Jack Kornfield, and Deepak Chopra who commended Heidi's achievements: “I applaud your vision and commitment to children”.

Live Presentations, Workshops, or Radio Interviews
Manage Stress with Every Breath for Success – Now!

Heidi Thompson speaks about breath awareness and is available for public talks and interviews. Her topic: Manage Stress with Every Breath and Enjoy Success educates and motivates adults and youth who want to improve focus, reduce stress, and promote health and happiness. Audiences will also learn about current research that is finding that breath awareness can:

    - reduce stress,
    - develop focus,
    - overcome addictions,
    - relieve depression and anxiety,
    - manage ADHD and ADD
    - develop empathy and compassion,
    - access more creativity,
    - enhance intuition,
    - awaken self-knowledge,
    - build self-confidence,
    - improve learning and cognition,
    - experience calmness and joy.

Heidi explains the four essential ingredients for health, happiness, and success:

      1. Focus
      2. Wholesome Living
      3. Self-knowledge
      4. Goodwill

Breath Awareness Helps Many Different People

Teachers can use breath awareness to develop students’ attention, focus, confidence, learning, clarity, meta-cognition, teamwork, positive classroom environment. Breath awareness has reduced bullying and increase empathy, sharing, and understanding among peers. it helps to awaken creativity and enhance artistic skills.

Psychologists and psychiatrists will acquire an effective exercise to help patients manage pain and stress, relieve depression, prevent or minimize mental disorders, lower blood pressure, boost the immune, improve self-confidence, and improve overall well-being.

Health care workers, nurses, and doctors can use breath awareness to manage their own stress, but also teach it to patients, seniors, or people suffering from a host of conditions.

Recovering alcoholics, drug or smoking addicts, and people suffering eating disorders can use it to heal and overcome unhealthy habits and conditioning, manage anger, and build self-esteem and purpose.

Business professionals, politicians, leaders, and anyone who governs, manages, or employs others will benefit from breath awareness. It will strengthen their personalities and create more powerful and effective leaders. Breath awareness will improve attention, focus, clarity in thinking and decision-making, and develop self-confidence, leadership, empathy, and compassion. It will enhance ethical business practices, honesty, fairness, equality, and workplace morale. It helps a person clarify his or her vision and long-term goals. People who do breath awareness are more mindful and in touch with want is really important. A fair and humane attitude and a healthy workplace environment fosters good work ethic, and inspires employees to be dedicated. As well they will sense that the work they are doing has real meaning and purpose. Businesses and corporations may see the value in sharing, giving, and helping in their community.

Fitness instructors, yoga teachers, or sport coaches can use breath awareness to increase focus and performance in their athletes. As well, breath awareness offers a meditation method to enhance spirituality, wisdom, and compassion.

Art, music, drama, and creative writing teachers can use breath awareness to help students turn within, self-reflect, get in touch with their muses, connect with creative impulse, enhance intuition, develop sensitivity and aesthetic awareness, overcome stage fright, develop charisma and become empowered and effective.

Parents can incorporate daily breath awareness in their children’s lives to increase focus, IQ, cognition, self-esteem, learning, cooperation, and empathy.

Counselors, camp leaders, and child-care professionals can use breath awareness to help people deal with their behavioral problems, educate the mind, build healthy relationships, increase self-confidence, create team spirit, and awaken intelligence.

Homeschooling parents can use breath awareness to enhance learning, empathy, creativity, cooperation, and self-awareness in children.

Heidi Thompson ensures that her audiences clearly understand the theoretical, practical, and scientific nature of breath awareness. She is confident that those who attend with an open-mind and willingness to learn will acquire priceless knowledge. Participants will leave knowing how and to manage stress with every breath and enjoy success. Not just for the future, but for right now!

Biography and Education

With an adventurous spirit and thirst for knowledge, Heidi moved to Switzerland when she was seventeen. Young, alone, and unable to speak the language, she spent months self-reflecting and searching for life’s meaning and purpose. She discovered her passion for art and began studying at the prestigious University of Art & Design in Zűrichearning a degree in photography. After graduating, she pursued her love for painting and worked as an apprentice with German artist, followed by a year at the Art Academy of Nűrnberg. In 1981, she spent one final year studying painting at the Hungarian Academy of Art in Budapest.

While in Europe, she worked with renowned artists and musicians. She was selected to photograph the American icon of abstract painting, Robert Ryman who was installing an exhibition in Zűrich. While still a student, she was assigned to photograph the Zűrich Chamber Orchestra and their soloists, Yehudi Menuhin, Lucas Graf, and Paul Tortellier. Heidi grew interested in meditation and attended several retreats in France, Austria, and Germany. In 1982, she returned to Vernon and established an art and photography studio.

For over thirty-five years, Heidi’s passion, talents, and creativity have manifested in different ways. She worked as a photographer, illustrator, and even a restaurant manager. She exhibited her paintings and photographs in galleries across Canada and the USA. In 1995, she started a publishing company, Coldstream Books. Her second publication, Sveva Caetani – Recapitulation won the VanCity Book of Excellence Award. She spent several years writing a dramatic screenplay based on her book, which was optioned by a Vancouver film producer. When she was forty-five, she returned to University of Victora and earned her BFA and B.C. Teaching Certificate. Heidi Thompson lives in Vernon with her husband Edward Thompson. They have two grown children. She is available to speak or conduct workshops across North America and is always happy to share breath awareness with others.

Guest Speaker Availability and Booking Contact:

Heidi Thompson
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Skype: heidi.thompson3
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